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Technology licensing

Technology licensing procedure

Technology licensing procedure

Discover technology

  • Inventor application: If technology incensing on the technology as result of research is made to participating company or consumer company requested for technology licensing
  • Independent discovery of industrial-academic cooperation group: Technology with business value is discovered through
    inventor consultation and holding technology evaluation
  • ※ Industrial-academic cooperation group is discovering technology with potential of technology business of the university by carrying out various government supported businesses every year (promising technology discovering project, public
    institution holding technology joint utilization project, etc.).

Technology analysis

  • Analysis of technology property/degree of right
    • Evaluate technology property by considering the completeness of development of target technology, discrimination
      from existing technologies, ease of imitation of latecomer, and utilization of technology.
    • Review potential of avoidance design of competitor by evaluating patent on scope of right of technology, etc.
  • Marketability/business value analysis
    • Evaluate marketability on the maturity of target technology in market, level of competition, entrance barrier, and
      market competitiveness.
    • Evaluate business value by considering the potential to be applied as product, time to commercialization, cost reduction effect compared to existing technology, and expected contribution to sales.

Technological marketing

  • Select target company by considering the marketing target company status and patent/research trend
  • Write SMK
  • Hold and participate in technology conference, perform marketing by utilizing technology agency

Consult technology licensing and enter contract

  • When the target technology and licensee is selected, the range of technology licensing, method of technology
    licensing, technology and guarantee on technology, expected engineering fee and profit are mutually consulted.
    • Inventor, manager of industrial-academic cooperation group and manager of company participate in consultation.
  • Write technology licensing contract (in standard contract) on completion of consultation.

Follow-up management after technology licensing

  • Manage so that contract is executed to the level both contract parties are satisfied and contract relationship can be
    • Receive technology licensing fee and payment of inventor compensation
    • Support so that licensee company of technology license is well applied.