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Medical Information

Be the Center of Future Medical Market

Medical information technology is one of the most essential areas of medical research along with medical instrument
technology. Specifically telemedicine and mobile medical information are expected to be major parts of future medical
industry. In Korea Kyungpook National University has been a leader of research on medical information.

KNU has carried out research not only on basic technology but also on standardization for several applications.

KNU has a variety of technical skills on medical information ranging from HL7 to HL7 FHIR, which include the ISO/TC215
technology adopted as a standard of mobile smart medical information.

More than 60 professors and research team members on medical information have worked in KNU to develop technical skills and find solutions required by the medical industry.

In addition KNU hopes to take part in successful projects for commercial applications in close cooperation with various global corporations of medical information.

Be a partner of KNU for the success of your business through the research and development of medical information, the
future of medical market.