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Holding technology

Nano Materials

Key to Success in Chemistry

Korea has one of the best technologies on nano materials including semiconductors in the world. Kyungpook National
University(KNU) has already been a leading research institute in that area.

Specifically KNU has carried out research not only on basic nano technology but also on several applications with global
corporations such as SAMSUNG and POSCO.

KNU has nearly all technical skills on nano materials ranging from graphene and advanced materials to fiber.
rEspecially its technical level has been globally recognized, which includes the development of sonochemical synthesis of
vertically aligned ZnO nanorod arrrays.

More than 70 professors on nano materials have worked in KNU to develop technical skills and find solutions required by the nano industry.

Be a partner of KNU for the success of your business through the research and development of nano materials, a key to
success in chemistry.