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Intellectual property

Cautions for Writing

Research Note Writing Principles

  • Write so that third party can reproduce by research subject, in details and accurately so that it can be a legal evidence,
    and with continuity in the chronological sequence without change in content with only the objective truth.

Formalities of Research Note

  • On the cover (inside/outside), record the research note serial number issued from research note managing department,
    subject, recorder, and information related with storing location, and record major items of carrying out research, page
    and summary in the table of content.
  • On the title page, record research content, and names and signatures of of recorder and inspector, and in the inspection
    table, record cautions for management.

Record Items of Research Note

  • Research subject, signatures of recorder and inspector and date should be written, write and include in details the
    research intermediate activities, photo and data so that all content can be reproduced by a third party, and organize and
    include the detailed list of ingredients and devices as well as the location of experimental equipment and related data.

How to Write Research Note

  • Write in chronological sequence on only the sides with pages indicated, record signatures and dates of recorder and
    inspector, and in the blank space, indicate disposition of blank with diagonal lines, and indicate source of citation.
  • Any content that could not be written shall be affixed and signed, and cross two lines to modify and sign for any