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Intellectual property


Research ethics aspect

  • Research note is required to respond to the submission request during verification of authenticity of research outcome
    and publication of thesis in overseas major academic journals.
  • By using research note as evidence of authenticity of research, breach of research ethics can be prevented in advance.

Intellectual property right aspect

  • Research note record is essential as the prior user's right can be recognized by patent law (Article 103 of Patent Law),
    and trade secret recorded in research note can be protected by unfair competition protection and trade secret protection system.
  • As research performance and stake are determined based on the record in research note, it can be an important
    evidential record in case of disputes such as patent litigation, and it is also required for successful technology provision
    and licensing.

Record management aspect

  • Thorough record management of research note is required for transfer of research know-how, maintaining sustainability
    and continuity of research and settlement of research recording culture.
  • Recording the research note itself based on the research note writing standard for the authenticity and ethics of research is required for research material.