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Patent process

Patent Application Program

Patent Application Program

  • Industrial-Academic Cooperation Group Patent Management Screening Process
    • Internal patent attorneys and managers of industrial-academic cooperation group perform 5 stage screening to obtain strong intellectual property from invention reporting stage to after registration.
      • Stage 1 : Select application of invention without worth of patent through consulting inventor and prior technology
      • Stage 2 : Decide upon patent application through deliberation of Intellectual Property Deliberation Committee.
      • Stage 3 : Promote qualitative improvement of patent statement by reviewing statement written by deputy.
      • Stage 4 : Monitor response procedure on deliberation result of Korean Intellectual Property Office and propose
      • Stage 5 : Decide upon retaining patent through evaluation of marketability and technology of registered patent.
  • Carry out patent application work by using exclusive patent office selected by technology area.
  • Support patent application cost: Differently support international application of domestic, overseas and PCT international
    application according to the result of Intellectual Property Deliberation Committee.